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aquawatt Electric Motorzills

aquawatt motor barges are well-running wooden boats for fishing and leisure. Ideal for strong aquawatt phase current outboard motors, they combine traditional lines with modern construction.

Density and light wood boats

The first material used by man for boat building is wood. For thousands of years, it has proven its suitability. Wood has many advantages but also disadvantages in boat building. Today it is possible to avoid the disadvantages. By bonding with epoxy resin, and light caused absolutely tight hull as a single piece. From domestic woods such as oak, larch and Norway spruce, caused light and strong boats that are very inexpensive.

Quick thanks aquawatt green power outboard engines

The motor barges are fast! With the aquawatt 4 kW electric motor already good 6 knots can be achieved with the 6 kW motor even 7 knots and with the 10 kW motor you rush onto the plane with 10 knots over the lake.
With the 4 kW electric motor that Zille in Austria is no license to drive, using the 6 or 10 kW electric motor, the notification to the Authority and the motor boat license are required.

Equipment is great written

Convenient storage compartment in the rear, anchor locker and bow storage space, deck area with padding made ​​of waterproof cotton fabric and sun and rain shelter. The practical full enclosure with flexible Spreizbögen is quickly fitted.

Perfect for fishing spot

Fishing skiffs with outboard electric motor are the new way quiet and clean to navigate the fishing area! Just fishery boats and fishing boats should be environmentally friendly. With fishing boats with electric drive that is possible. The new aquawatt electric outboard engines are quiet, clean and fast.

Fishing boats in plastic

We also offer a wide range of fiberglass boats.  Here you can find more informations...

Technical Data

aquawatt fishing boats are available with individual interior design.

  • Modell 800.90 lenghts 8,0 m beam 1,90 m
  • Modell 650.90 lenghts 6,5 m beam 1,90 m
  • Modell 650.75 lenghts 6,5 m beam 1,75 m
  • Modell 600.65 lenghts 6,0 m beam 1,65 m 

In order motor or rowing skiffs are built in lengths of 4 to 10 feet. The transom heights are adapted to long-or short-shaft engines and it can be chosen between spitz and weight bug.

If you prefer a plastic boat, we are pleased to offer this suitable to our outboard motor programs on.


We will be happy to make you an individual offer.