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aquawatt Li-Ion Batteries

aquawatt lithium batteries are equipped with advanced lithium yttrium phosphate cells. Those are absolutely safe to operate and well established and proven. The weight is only 30% of conventional lead acid batteries with a much higher performance of 2.000– to 5.000 cycles.

We offer lithium ion batteries with a unique battery management system, communicating to our system chargers and displays. All aquawatt lithium batteries are suitable for quick Charge.

Constant 300 A

50 V Power System for 12 – 13 kW aquawatt outboards, based on 16 pcs. LiFePO4 cells. Constant discharge current 300 A, communicating to the outboard controller. Digital display build in the battery housing, or for external use. 


For our batterysystems we supply optimally tuned chargers for a long service life and optimal charging results.

aquawatt Battery Management

 Digital display build in the battery housing, or for external use. The battery management systems shows all necessary information: overall battery voltage, low and high cell voltage, charge and discharge current, charged and discharged ampere hours and cell temperature (optional).

All these boxes are deliverable as build in box or mobile box.