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Inboard motors in three-phase AC technology

All aquawatt inboard motors are special low-voltage three-phase motors


Currently we are developing two new series of inboard motors.  

Direct drive

For light and fast sport boats up to 1.500 kg, which can reach a speed of minimum 16 knots @20 kW. Possible propeller diameter: 12-13 inch. 

4,3 kW @ 1.500 rpm, 48 /50 V
6 kW @ 1.500 rpm, 48 /50 V
10-20 kW @ 1.500 – 2.000 rpm, 96 /100 V

Gear motors for extra heavy duty

For commercial crafts up to 25 tons.
Possible propeller diameter: up to 20 inch

20 kW @ 1.600 rpm, 80 V, 60P
20 kW @ 1.300 rpm, 80 V, 60P
20 kW @ 1.100 rpm, 80 V, 60P

30 kW @ 1.600 rpm, 80 V, 60P
30 kW @ 1.300 rpm, 80 V, 60P
30 kW @ 1.100 rpm, 80 V, 60P

50 kW @ 1.560 rpm, 144 V, 260RG
50 kW @ 1.820 rpm, 144 V, 260RG
50 kW @ 2.250 rpm, 144 V, 260RG

Will be ready in spring 2020.

Digital motor controllers

Digital AC induction motor controllers provide electric engines with an unbeatable combination of power, performance and functionality.


This module converts the direct current supplied by the battery into a 3-phase alternating current.
A sophisticated technical process generates the optimum values of frequency, voltage and current for the respective operating state.

This makes it possible to achieve the highest possible efficiency, to move the vehicle with the lowest possible power consumption and thus to achieve the longest possible driving time from one battery charge.
The digital technology makes it possible to program the drive exactly to the needs of the vehicle.
The available speed ranges allow the use in displacers as well as in fast gliding boats.

Like the motors, the converters are also available air- or water-cooled.