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aquawatt AGM Batteries

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) sealed battery technology was developed in 1985 for military aircraft where power and weight were paramount considerations. AGM batteries has become the highest evolution of deep cycle sealed batteries for marine and RV applications. This technology delivers increased safety, performance, and service life over all other existing sealed battery types, including gel technology.

Short charging times

The AGM battery gives exsceptional high power because its very low internal electrical resistance.

Uniform (un)charging

To avoid different voltages of single batteries we have developed an equalizer system which distributes the charging and discharging energy exactly on all single batteries of the system.

Ideal for displacement boats

We recommend AGM battery systems for displacement boats. For gliders we recommend aquawatt lithium ion batteries only.

We deliver 17 types from 12 V 65 Ah to 12 V 275 Ah.