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aquawatt Green Marine Technologies

over 30 years of professional boat building

Situated along Wörthersee Lake, Dieter Seebacher’s firm has spent over 30 years intensively researching and developing in the water & electricity sectors. Hence the brand name: aquawatt.

The resulting products include state-of-the-art electric motor boats, a broad array of electric inboard & outboard engines used worldwide and modern Lithium batteries produced here at aquawatt.

We proudly look back on many years of experience. In 1992 our aquawatt Model 715 was named the fastest E-Series boat on the world market by Yachtrevue magazine.

Our investment in developing clean-burning engines has been recognized numerous times and was awarded the Austrian Solar Award.

Our founder and owner Dieter Seebacher was appointed as a publicly appointedand sworn expert in 1991 for the specialized fields of watercraft engineering and manufacturing, as well as in coastal and seagoing shipping.

The surveyor office is working for various authorities and agencies as well as insurance and leasing companies.

At the top of its class, aquawatt stays ahead of the competition while consistently innovating in both water and electricity sectors. We offer three-phase AC inboard & outboard motors, additional accessories from Lithium batteries, to solar-powered chargers, up to battery displays with smartphone connections.

At aquawatt you can count on first-rate advising, production and service.

Dieter Seebacher has more than 30 years of experience in development of electric boats and electric drives

As a pioneer in the development of solar boats, aquawatt was already awarded the Austrian Solar Award in 2006