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Complete new way to cruise the seas without having to worrry about fuel costs and any emissions! Imagine to cruise in complete silence and vibrations along the coast! The aquawatt solar powered motor yacht enables you to reach your destination on 100% electric powered motors, delivered from solar energy.
For emergencies such as medical or bad weather related cases, two fuel economic diesel engines can be used to reach your port in any case!

aquawatt Solar Water Bus


The aquawatt solar water bus is designed to travel between islands, on channels, lagoons and city waterways. It operates best emission free in warm and sunny regions. Zero fuel cost enabled with its large solar roof top, the solar water bus is a very good way to avoid all kinds of emissions such as exhaust , noise and wave patterns.
It’s ideal for places such as Venice, Dubai World, Maledives etc.

aquawatt Solar Water Bus


The medical service boat from aquawatt is designed to power its medical equipment on board with the use of its solar energy and its batteries. It can operate also for longer periods of time without disturbing the environment with noise and exhaust emissions.
In remote island regions without shore power, the medical service boat is a great way to bring the surgery right to each islands! Imagine once a month you can visit the dentist!

aquawatt Medical Service Boat


This solar powered boat is built based on the famous electric yacht aquawatt 715 and has a sophisticated hull with extremely low driving resistance.
Ideal as a port taxi as well as for bays and channels.

A solar Roof extends over the entire Cockpit. Under the roof tarpaulins side panels are attached which can be withdrawn.
Thus, the passengers are in the dry by rain. The solar cells on the foredeck are walkable and non-slip.

Also this boat has a swim platform with boarding ladder.
The driver sits facing the passengers, this is particularly pleasant when the driver has a function as a guide and to make statements.
aquawatt 715 solar can already appealing a speed of about 10 km/h without access the batteries.

Lenghts: 7,15 m
Beam: 2,25 m
Weight total ca. 1.300 kg
Max. persons: 7 persons
Solar power theory: 1.064 Wp
Effective yield per solar day average calculated for the latitude of Austria is 3010 Wh (watt hours)

Engine: Inboard engine, stepless electronical regulated, 4,39 kW or 6 kW

maximum speed with 2 persons by 6 kW = 8 knots = 15 km/h
maximum speed with 2 persons by 4,39 kw = 7,3 knots = 13,5 km/h

Operating time in getting daily use:
1 hour at 3.000 watt, 3 hours at 1.000 watt and 4 hours average at 800 watt.

Operating time when using on weekend:
If, for example, only driven on weekends and used the rest of the week to load, the attended times is much higher.

This boat can go directly to the solar energy 4 knots. If you drive faster energy comes from the batteries.

Maximum possible driving time at night (only batteries) with 3.000 watt = 5 hours
Maximum possible driving time at night (only batteries) with 1.000 watt = 16 hours
Maximum possible driving time at night (only batteries) with 800 watt = 20 hours

Charging time of the batteries 80% discharged, by idle boat : 5 sunny days
Batteries: 8 x 12 Volt, 180 Ah AGM, system voltage 48 Volt
Overhead clearance: 2 meters
Operating range: protectice waters
Certification: area D

Price with 4,39 kW engine and AGM batteries, export price from Euro 90.000.-

aquawatt 715 solar taxi

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