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Aquawatt RIB’s (Inflatable with fiberglass bottom) are unique. As fast as with a petrol engine but quiet and clean co2-free. Highest quality, first-class materials, the best security - many air Chambers.


  • Model F 40, 3,93 m x 1,93 m
    Model F 45, 4,45 m x 1,95 m
    Model F 50, 5,00 m x 2,15 m

    The F 40 boat is ideal as a dinghy for use on large yachts. All three models of boats have lifting eyes as standard. Will not ever go on plane and be on the road as you displacer, the F is the best recommendation 50 boat. The F 45 boat offers perfect all properties.


The models F 40 and F 45 can be dirved with the 13 kW Green Power or the 22 kW Green Racing outboard engine. With 13 kW at speeds up to 16 knots, reaching 22 kW over 20 knots. For the F 50 boat of the Green Racing Motor is preferable.


For boats with 13 kW motors Green Power battery 50 V 160 Ah, battery weight 105 kg. Sufficient for 35 minutes at full throttle, 50 Minutes planing or about 3 hours with 5 knots. It can be placed a distance of 13 kilometers on plane or 25 km by 5 knots.

For boats with Green Racing engines battery 80 V 160 Ah, battery weight 150 kg. Sufficient for 35 minutes at full throttle,
50 minutes planing or about 4 hours with 5 knots. It can be placed a distance of 20 kilometers on plane or 35 km 5 knots.


The boats can be operated as a base-boat, without equipment, motor with rotary tiller gas. In this case, the lithium battery is in a fiberglass box. This is mounted in the front third cross in the boat and can be used as a bench.

When the large console with jockey seat, a great jet skis are driving feel. The lithium battery and other technology is built into the jockey seat.

At 5 m boat, model F 50, individual solutions are possible.


Charger for 230 V shore power to charge in the overnight period, can be installed in the boat. There are also quick chargers available with high performance which are used externally 230 V or 400 V 3 phase power to operate.


  • Easy to move with high stability
  • Extremely light weight
  • Hardly splash
  • Anti-skid texture on the ground
  • Bugstau and anchor locker
  • Best straight through particularly the end of the hoses
  • Safety lines on the tubes give the crew firm hold
  • Wide rubber fendering
  • Cockpit drainage system
  • Stable mooring points and carrying handles
  • 4 lifting eyes
  • Hose material: extra lightweight high-quality PVC, Hypalon on request

    Take your boat on vacation at sea and at home on the lake. The electric motor can be quickly replaced with a gasoline engine, but we've got you covered. All connection points, steering, gas circuit and are consistent with Yamaha Moderation.


Salt and fresh water, coastal waters, lakes, rivers, CE-certification "C"


Boat Euro 3.000.- to 7.000.-
Engine Euro 7.700.- to 9.936.-
LI-battery Euro 7.000.- to 9.800.-


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Dieter Seebacher

Dieter Seebacher
Owner of aquawatt yacht, certified and sworn expert for the vehicle - boats, coastal and maritime

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