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aquawatt green flash

The new most powerful 40 kW/50 hp electric outboard will be launched in October 2015

New electric passenger ship at the Inn

On 12.04.2014 the historic replica of a ceremonial plate, the ship Neuhaus was baptized.
It runs on the Austrian-Bavarian border river at the Inn in the nature reserve.
This was made possible by the innovative electric drive.
Previous experiments with alternative electric drive failed due to the flow of the Inn.

2 aquawatt Green Thruster outboard engines push the ship with 130 peoples seemingly effortlessly up to 7 knots.
The two aquawatt Lithium Ion batteries last for up to four round trips.
Overall, an acclaimed from all sides symbiosis of old and new.

Lenght 18 meters, width 5 meters and 130 passengers.
Drive with 2 aquawatt Green Thruster outboard Motors, each with a 80 Volt 600 Ah aquawatt Lithium Ion battery.

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electric passenger ship Neuhaus

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